Karam's Mediterranean Grill
4241 University Blvd S
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Why Us

When you look for Mediterranean Food in Jacksonville, FL, you need to consider one of the Top-Ten ranked restaurants which we are. When you look for healthy food...Hummus, Tabouleh, Greek Salad and more; there's nothing healthier than Mediterranean ingredients which what we serve. When you look for friendly faces with great customer service you won't find that outside of family owned restaurants which we are. Come to Karams Mediterranean Grill to enjoy all the above and more! We offer a wide array of traditional Mediterranean cuisine such as Chicken Shawarma, Lamb Shawarma, Shish Kabab, Lamb Kebab, Chicken Kebab and much more. We're proud about the excellent service we provide to our customers and our affordable prices. For a great food and service in Jacksonville, FL, count on Karams Mediterranean Grill! We will let you hear from our loyal customers and their TESTIMONIALS on Google: https://karamsmediterraneangrill.business.site/#testimonials

What Others Say About Us

Parson, Jacksonville, FL

We have eaten at Karam's many times. We love it, we love the family w...

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